Entropy and Alchemy

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Briefly, the authors commenced their research work by cross-examining the physical and chemical properties of the technetium materials. Next, they prepared and investigated four different binary alloys based on solid solution structures. This was aimed at exploring the feasibility of creating pseudo- technetium materials relying on the extended Kitagawa concept. The similarity in the chemical properties was obtained by adopting equal composition. As a result, the authors identified that bcc-Mo 8 Ru 8 and hcp-Mo 8 Ru 8 exhibited the most similar electronic structures to that of technetium.

Alchemy Timepiece Steampunk: Watch Steam Powered Entropy Calibrator - Outwest

Subsequently, the possibility of synthesizing technetium materials was investigated using excess energy and entropy methods to find those can be synthesized at around degree celcius. In addition, the catalytic properties of pseudo-technetium were explored. The authors found the material would be a good candidate for the N 2 dissociation catalyst, which is a key process for ammonia synthesis.

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In summary, Professor Michihisa Koyama and Wei Xie successfully proposed a pseudo-technetium material based on density of states concept. To actualize their study, they evaluated the stability taking into consideration the effect of entropy to observe that after entropy correction stable technetium alloys were achieved thereby indicating the possibility of artificially synthesizing the chemical properties of technetium. They also proposed a possible application of the pseudo-technitium as ammonia synthesis catalyst.

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Therefore , the study provides essential information that will advance materials and catalysts design. Their research work is currently published in journal, Chemical Science.

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About the author Dr. Koyama received his Ph.

Entropy & Alchemy: Ebb & Flow

Plus two pigs wealth is a physical quantity, and their population growth is limited by the need to feed the pigs, dispose of their waste, find space for them, etc. The value of a negative pig will fall to a small fraction of the value of a positive pig. Owners of negative pigs will be greatly disappointed and angered when they try to exchange them for positive pigs.

Because formerly ownership of land — which, with the sunshine that falls on it, provides a revenue of wealth — secured, in the form of rent, a share in the annual harvest without labor or service, upon which a cultured and leisured class could permanently establish itself, the age seems to have conceived the preposterous notion that money, which can buy land, must therefore itself have the same revenue-producing power. The ancient alchemists wanted to transmute corrosion-prone base metals into permanent, non-corruptible, time-resistant gold.

But once we replace alchemy with chemistry we find that the idea that future people can live off the interest of their mutual indebtedness is just another perpetual motion delusion. The exponentially growing indent of debt on future real revenue will, in a finite and entropic world, become greater than future producers are either willing or able to transfer to owners of the debt.

Debt will be repudiated either by inflation, bankruptcy, or confiscation, likely leading to serious violence. This prospect of violence especially bothered Soddy because, as the discoverer of the existence of isotopes, he had contributed substantially to the theory of atomic structure that made atomic energy feasible.

He predicted in that the first fruit of this discovery would be a bomb of unprecedented power. He lived to see his prediction come true. Removing the economic causes of conflict therefore became for him a kind of redeeming priority. Interesting point of view. However, people do not generally convert genuine material wealth into capital, but money, which in itself is only a claim on assets, but not backed by any real material wealth.

‘Digital alchemy’ to reverse-engineer new materials

Capital can also be valued at its Net Present Value, instead of treating it as a perennial income stream. Very clever, very clear. Thank you — there is not enough info out there about what debt really is. Your email address will not be published.