Mesure pour mesure (Shakespeare) (French Edition)

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French theatre before the Revolution was very different to the London stage. Voltaire could not accept, for example, that in Hamlet , the grave-diggers should be drinking and singing on stage; or that in Julius Caesar shoemakers and cobblers appear on stage before Brutus and Cassius. In Pre-Revolutionary French society plays offered an elevated and ideal view of the world. Shakespeare remained, for Voltaire, a uniquely English dramatist, and thought his works would need to be adapted to make them more suitable to a French audience. The series of 10 volumes about the English Theatre begin with the plays of Shakespeare.

The remaining volumes were dedicated to Johnson, Rowe, Dryden and other English writers. Richard III was the only play that he attempted to translate the entire work.

The increasing popularity of Shakespeare encouraged Garrick to visit the Salons of Paris in and Just as in England, Paris celebrated the Jubilee of Jean-Francoise Ducis and Pierre Letourneur were two writers working in the same period with very different approaches to making translations.

His works were published between and created without knowledge of the English language. His skill was to adapt the plays using existing translations by La Place and Letourneur.

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This royal favour required the approval of the Official Censor. Most of the Histories are in Volumes Royal patronage ensured the works would be read and led to a surge of interest in Shakespeare following the publication. In revolutionary unrest saw Guizot removed from office before the Monarchy collapsed and the Second Republic was declared. An introduction and notes also accompanied each play. Looking beyond the texts as pure literary drama he set out how theatre survives in its historical and social context.

He began by denouncing Voltaire and the Classical traditions of French theatre and ended his introduction by reflecting on the revolutions in French society.

When Letourneur published his translations there was a surge in interest in Shakespeare and all things English during the s. Inspired by the Revolution it was felt that the old Classical ideals were incapable of representing life through art. We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure so we brought it back to the shelves. Any type of Customisation is possible with extra charges. Hope you will like it and give your comments and suggestions. De Mille. With introd. With introduction.

18th-century editions | Shakespeare Exhibition | Senate House Library

With introduction and notes explanatory and critical by Henry N. With introduction and notes explanatory and critical For use in schools and families By Henry N. Lang: - English Pages Edited by Edmund K.

Mesure pour mesure

Antique look with Golden Leaf Printing and embossing with round Spine completely handmade bindingextra customization on request like Color Leather Colored book special gold leaf printing etc. We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure in old look so we brought it back to the shelves.


Normal Hardbound Edition is also available on request. New Book. Text is clean and unmarked binding tight. Cover shows little signs of wear is gold embossed. This delightful tale of Shakespeare's is wonderfully illustrated by the art works of Arthur Rackham. The text is done in calligraphy by Graily Hewitt.

First Edition.

18th-century editions

Hard Cover. Soft cover. Small book. Green covers. Tanning and slight rubbing to covers. Title page tanned. Mass Market Paperback.